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A couple tips:

  • When posting always be sure to tag @NextRadioapp
  • Official hashtags: #NextRadioapp #UnlockFM #freeradio

NextRadio App Talking Points

  • NextRadio is the free smartphone app that allows you to listen to live, local FM radio
  • NextRadio app uses 20x less data and saves 75% of your battery life compared to streaming music apps
  • NextRadio app is not streaming, it uses the FM chip in your smartphone to give you access to free local radio stations
  • Live Guide lets you see what’s playing on the stations in your local area
  • Call or text the on-air DJs you love with NextRadio app to be a part of the conversation
  • Browse local stations by genre, frequency, favorites and recently played
  • Hear a song you like? Buy it or save it to your history

Suggested Facebook Posts

  1. Download @NextRadioapp to listen to FREE live radio anytime. No more missing out on (station name).
  2. On the @NextRadioapp you can buy or save songs as you listen to them live!
  3. It’s quittin time and we like to cut lose a bit on our show. Want to listen to our shenanigans? Download @NextRadioapp and join on in.
  4. We love @NextRadioapp because it makes it easy to interact with you. Don’t just listen, join the conversation!
  5. We love being able to interact with our fans! Download @NextRadioapp to be able to easily join in on the conversation!
  6. Did you know you can see what’s on-air right now with @NextRadioapp? Watch for us in the Live Guide for real time music, programming, giveaways and more!

Suggested Tweets

  1. You can now catch us on your smartphone! Listen Live on @NextRadioapp.
  2. Do you want more (station name)? Then check us out on the @NextRadioapp for FREE.
  3. I am excited to be featured on the @NextRadioapp! Download and listen to us anytime live on your smartphone.
  4. Contact us NOW! When you listen with @NextRadioapp, you can be a part of our conversation.

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