Thanks for your interest in NextRadio®!

Below are a few simple guidelines to consider when using our brand. Please take a look and feel free to download and use our logo accordingly. If you have any questions or would like additional brand assets, please contact



  1. Logo Lockups
  2. Logo Usage Guidelines
  3. Color Palette
  4. Typography
  5. NextRadio in Writing
  6. Brand Imagery

Logo Lockups

The NextRadio logo consists of the circle mark, logotype, and registered trademark symbol. Do not use any element of the logos separate from its other parts. Whenever possible and space allows, please use the stacked logo shown below:

Brand Guidelines: logo stacked over light

NextRadio Stacked Logo over white
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Brand Guidelines: logo stacked over dark

NextRadio Stacked Logo over dark
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If space is limited and/or the logotype becomes too small to read easily in a particular application, use the horizontal version of the logo shown below. Again, please refrain from using any element of the logo on its own:

Brand Guidelines: logo horizontal over light

NextRadio Horizontal Logo over white
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Brand Guidelines: logo horizontal over dark

NextRadio Horizontal Logo over dark
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Logo Usage Guidelines

We think our logo is pretty snazzy just the way it is, but we also understand that there are times when exceptions to the rules must be considered. Please see the list below of acceptable and unacceptable modifications to the NextRadio logo:

Brand Guidelines: dont's

Brand Guidelines: dont's

Color Palette

This is the palette of colors used in NextRadio graphic design. Along with black and white, the colors you see below are mostly used for supporting typography in print and on the web.

Brand Guidelines: palette


  • The font used in the logotype is a modified version and two weights of Museo.
  • The font used for tagline and supporting text in print is Whitney.
  • The font used for supporting text on the web is Source Sans Pro.
  • The universal webfont preferred for supporting text in email communications, etc is Arial.

NextRadio in Writing

  • NextRadio is one word. Capitalize the N and the R.
  • When writing about NextRadio, the first mention should include a registered trademark symbol (®).
  • NextRadio Tagline: “Live and local, wherever you go”.
  • NextRadio Short Description: “The NextRadio app allows listeners to experience live, local FM radio on their smartphones.”
  • NextRadio Long Description: “The NextRadio app lets you experience FM radio on your smartphone in a brand new way. Get a real-time view of what’s playing on-air and interact live with your favorite local radio stations while saving 75% of your battery life and using 20x less data compared to streaming radio apps. Real FM radio is now in
    your smartphone so you can listen wherever you go.”

Brand Imagery

Below you will find current NextRadio marketing imagery for download and use in NextRadio press articles, editorials, etc. If you have particular dimensions or format needs for imagery, please contact

NextRadio App Collage 1

NextRadio App Image
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NextRadio App Collage 2

NextRadio Brand Image 1
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NextRadio App Now Playing Screen

NextRadio Brand Image 2
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